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Business Manager/Chairman of Trustee Board:
Joseph F. Shanahan

President/Business Representative/Trustee:
Robert A. Holsey, Jr.

Vice President/Training Director:
Charles McGee, Jr.

Recording Corresponding Secretary/Business Representative:
Mark F. McQuay

Financial Secretary:
Peter Elmos

Joseph F. Shanahan

Executive Board Members:
Joseph F. Shanahan
Robert A. Holsey, Jr.
Charles E. McGee, Jr.
Mark F. McQuay
Peter A. Elmos
Richard A. Fuller, Sr.
Brian P. Caulk
Stephen Rohrman, Sr.
Thomas M. Boschi
James E. Nunley, Jr.
Teresa M. Owens

Michael A. DeJuliis
Charles D. Coleman, Jr.
Kevin Randall

Thomas Judge
Phillip Grothe

Ronald E. Eyler

Guy A. Burger


International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 37 was established in May 16, 1900.

Local 37 is a mid sized mixed local union representing 1800 members. Mixed local means we represents both Operating Engineers working as heavy equipment operators, mechanic, and welders in the construction industry, and stationary engineers working inside buildings performing all types of facility maintenance. We also have members working in equipment rental houses, shops and quarries.

Our mission is to provide a decent living wage, comprehensive health care, pensions and annuities for our members. We also have Training facility with up to date technology for all who wish to enhance their skill levels or for those who want to learn to operate a new piece of equipment. All of our instructors are certified instructors who are more than willing to help you with any training you require.

Our geographical jurisdiction includes al of the state of Maryland with the exception of Charles, St. Mary’s, Prince Georges and Montgomery counties.