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Why should I join a Union?
Union members join together to pursue issues and policies that directly affect their lives in the areas of earning opportunities, working conditions and benefits such as pension and health care for their families.

Who runs the Union?
The union leadership is elected in a strict secret ballot election. The nominations for office are accepted from the floor during a Special Union Meeting called for strictly for the purpose of nominating members at large to the elected offices of the union. The term for elected offices in most union is for three years.

What is union dues used for?
Like any other fraternal or social organization it does cost you to belong to a union. There is an initiation fee as well as monthly fees associated with union membership. Costs are relative to the operation of any organization. Cost is a very valid concern in today’s economic conditions. We all work hard for our money and we should spend it wisely and for a particular benefit to us. With Local 37 you get a direct return on your initiation fee and dues investment because they go directly into providing services to both you and your family such as higher wage rates, better health care coverage, and a defined benefit pension plan.


Every cent of your money is strictly accounted for through yearly audits. Federal regulations require all unions to file annual financial reports with the Department of Labor. So you always know how your money is being spent. These reports are a matter of public records accessible through the DOL website.

Can I be forced to go on strike?
No, you along with your fellow workers determine whether or not the union goes on strike.