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IUOE Local 37 Training School
Apprenticeship and Training Program

Call the School for the next forklift, signal & Rigging and First Aid training.

All Training Classes to be held at Apprentice Training School. Classes start at 8:00 AM sharp. YOU MUST REGISTER TO ATTEND TRAINING. Call Trish at the Union Hall or stop by to register.


C.C.O Certification

Click here to view training that is offered throughout the year!(This is a complete list of what is offered with descriptions)

3615 North Point Blvd.
Suite A
Baltimore, MD 21222

Phone: (410) 254.0219
Fax: (410) 319.9197

North Point Training Site
5021 North Point Blvd.
Baltimore, MD 21219

Phone: (443) 242-6280
Fax: (443) 242-6283

Training Director:
Charles E. McGee

John Simons
Gary Kahl
Jessie Spittel
Steve Rohrman


As members of Local 37 you are entitled to, and we strongly encourage all members to take advantage of all training offered in order to enhance you skills and earning opportunities. The only requirement we make on class scheduling is that we must have a minimum of ten members in each class and that you dress appropriately while attending. Class room work requires business casual; however, if your training requires field training regular work cloths and boots are required.

Please remember, it is your responsibility to make sure all of your licenses and certifications are up to date and current.