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Joseph F Shanahan
Business Manager, Treasurer, Chairman of Trustees


Brother Shanahan was indentured into the Apprentice Program May 1969.  He graduated from the local's Apprentice Program June 1972.  While an Apprentice Brother Shanahan worked on the following projects:

             Sparrows Point - C.J. Langenfelder & Son
             Rt. 29 and I-95 Catonsville S.J. Groves
             I-695 @ Rt. 151 Interchange - C.J. Langenfelder
             Bay-View Rail Yard - C.J. Langenfelder

 Brother Shanahan worked as a journeyman with Local 37 from June 1972 through March 1988.  Below are a few of the projects that he worked on:

             96" Water Line Outer Harbor Crossing - Inter-County Construction
             Patapsco Waste Water Treatment Plant - George Hyman Construction
             Brandon Shores Power House - Babcock &Wilson
             Storm Drain Project West Baltimore - C.J. Langenfelder
             Baltimore Subway System - Peter Kiewit & Son
             Numerous other projects with Crane Rental Companies

Brother Shanahan was elected in 1983 to an Auditor position on the board.  During 1985 through 1990 Brother Shanahan gave back to our Apprentice Program as an instructor.  In 1986 he was elected to the Executive Board.  In 1989 Brother Shanahan was elected Financial Secretary.  In 1990 he was then appointed a Trustee of the Benefit Funds.  In 1992 he was elected Recording Corresponding Secretary.  Brother Shanahan was elected Vice President in 2004.  After serving three years in that position was elected Business Manager and Chairman of the Benefit Funds.